My Artwork.

My creations combine abstract, figurative and pop art variations. They unite contemporary aesthetics and fine art with insightful meanings.
My art can live as a physical piece of art in the real world, or it can live on the blockchain as an NFT (thus, being phygital).

The first collector or investor who purchases my original physical art will automatically receive it as a unique NFT, and vice versa. Thus, you will receive the Certificate of Authenticity in form of the NFT.

Please note that the shipping cost is not included in the price. On this website, all artwork is displayed with a water mark. My original signature, however, ist on the back of the original piece of art.

If you are an investor, gallery or art collector, the following options are available:

- Original piece of art in combination with the unique NFT as Certificate of Authenticity

- Art print on various materials (alu dibond, textile, canvas, etc.)

- Sale of image rights for merchandising products, calendars, cards, etc.

- Art prints / Rent a Picture for your office, institution, clinic, etc.

- Art on demand, e.g. if you are looking for a certain motive or idea not available yet.

If you are interested in any of these options, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Female Art

Women do have countless roles in our society. In some cultures, women don't get the attention and respect they deserve. And in other cultures, women reduce themselves, even though they are the hidden champions.


I love photography because of the exciting moments you can store. Photography is the perfect way to preserve your impressions. Life is filled with great moments. Sometimes, these moments become important milestones in hindsight.

Golf Art

My paintings are driven by an innate, compulsive desire to create. I’m inspired by many different sources, e.g. golfing. My artwork can emerge from an impression that has worked its way into my subconsciousness, or a dream remembered.

Abstract Art

Abstract Art is a challenge and gives you the freedom to interpret the artwork the way you see it. There is no correct or false interpretation which makes it incredibly fascinating.

Lifestyle Art

If you are looking for a special for yourself or for a gift for people you don't or you do like, you will find unique and surprising artwork here.

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