Phygital Art for Nature

Inspired By Nature & Blockchain

Phygital Art for Nature is my vision to make the world a slightly better place for nature and animals. Art is an amazing way to express your emotions. Moreover, art can draw your attention to things that really matter. With my phygital art, I want to support nature with its animals and birds in particular. If you are looking for impressive art from an emerging artist and want to support our environment, you can collect your unique artwork here - expect the unexpected!

Acrylic Art on Canvas. Original Size 50x60 cm.
RS_The Wave

The Wave

Abstract Art - The Wave - by Ricarda Simon. Acrylic Painting on Canvas.

Recent Artwork

Each of my artwork is unique, phygital and of high quality. My current topics are nature, economy and financial markets, the art of golf and women in society. Whether you are an avid art collector, or simply want to invest in art, or if you are looking for a unique gift, you will find something here. On top of everything, you will support nature and contribute to making this world a better place for animals.

Fresco Technique / Acrylic Art on Canvas. Original Size 60x60 cm.

Ecofriendly System

Female Art - Ecofriendly System - by Ricarda Simon. Fresco Technique / Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Original Size 60x60 cm.

My Story

Art, aesthetics, design, nature, animals, among many other topics like economy, financial markets, the art of golf, the opportunities of blockchain and psychology, are fascinating to me.
In particular, I have a deep connection with and love for animals. I feel their pain and their fear physically, as well as their joy and happiness, and this is a burden and a blessing at the same time.
So professionally, however, I first devoted myself to human software or psychology and the art of potential analysis as well as resource strengthening in humans. I am now able to spend more resources to support animals, and my phygital art for nature is one way to do so.

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" Do what you love. Love what you do. And you will enjoy life. "


Why Phygital Art?

Phygital Art is physical art stored on a blockchain as an NFT (non fungible token). An NFT is your proof of ownership when you buy, trade, or own art. Within the next few years, phygital art will massively alter the way we enjoy and use art.

When you purchase my original physical art, you will not only receive the unique original artwork but also a unique NFT as a Certificate of Authenticity, and vice versa (Phygital).

Please note: My physical artwork is only guaranteed on the first sale. Shipping cost of the original artwork is not included.

I am Ricarda Simon
Digital Artwork

Ricarda Simon

Acrylic Art on Canvas. Original Size 20x60 cm.
Golf Art and NFT

Golfswing at Hole 5

Acrylic Art on Canvas. Original Size 20c60 cm.
Golf Art and NFT

Golflady at Hole 1

Acrylic Art on Canvas. Original Size 20x60 cm.
Female Art and NFT

Just Be

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