I love photography because of the exciting moments you can store. Photography is the perfect way to preserve your impressions. Life is filled with meaningful moments. Sometimes, these moments become relevant milestones in hindsight.

Each original piece of art is unique since it is limited to 1 NFT, exclusively available on the tezos blockchain

Natural Bored Ape

This little Southafrican ape might have been the inspiration for the famous "Bored Apes" that have revolutionized the NFT market. Who knows?

Magic Power - by Ricarda Simon

Magic Power

The Pacific is the biggest Ocean on this planet. Watching it, you can feel it's intense power and strength. Just imagine you are a part of it...

Time to say Goodbye-background-framed

Time to say Goodbye

Sometimes, you have to realize that circumstances  have changed and will never come back. Just accept it and let it go. And your life will continue even happier.

Loving Heart

Love is the most valuable asset to ensure happiness and health. However, you cannot buy love even if you are the most powerful  person in this universe.

Do you see the Pattern?

Many things are happening by chance. However, when you take a closer look, there is a pattern that makes a lot of sense. Do you see the pattern in your life?

Awesome Nature

Besides Love, Nature is the most exciting phenomenon you can imagine. Enjoy, respect  and protect it as much as you can.

The Edge

What is so special about this watering can? It's position near to the edge. Every year, desperate people jump from there to kill themselves.

I love my work

Life is too short to waste it on a job you don't like. If you love what you are doing, you will never again have the feeling to be "at work".

Perfect Imperfection

Nature is perfect. Because in any detail, there is some small imperfection which makes it perfect as a whole.

Mystic Moon

When you miss the person you love, just be aware that he/she/it might see the same mystic moon like you do. And then you know you are together forever.

Natural Beauty - by Ricarda Simon

Natural Beauty

Nature is absolutely fascinating. Without human intervention, it develops it's beauty. It lives it's life. It dies. And it emerges again.

There is Hope

When you realize what's going on, you run the risk of becoming desperate and depressed. However, there is hope when you focus on the positive aspects of life...

How to Motivate

Some people think they can motivate others with pressure, fear or threatening. The simple truth is: that doesn't work in the long term. Find out how to motivate differently.

Interrupted Food Chain

No agriculture - no crop - no food - no animals - no plants - no humans. Ok. Finally, nature will flourish without us. The best idea ever!

When I think of you

This is the ultimate hommage to my darling. When I think of you, my heart beats like crazy and the rest of my brain explodes into deepest  love.

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