How to become an Artist – Interview with Sari Salibi

Sari, you are an Advisor at a Private Office in Dubai, and you are an artist. Could you please tell us something about your background?   

My background is as diverse as it gets. Five nationalities based on diverse ethnic backgrounds and living Lebanon’s seventeen year civil war, I was brought up to endure and be creative to elevate the stress. I did just that through the arts be it acting singing painting caricaturing, doodling with an underlying sense of humor.  With two masters‘ degrees, in diverse fields as one is in Horticulture and Agriculture engineering and one in Journalism and communication I managed to have my roots in science and branched out in communication.  A couple of years after that I started my first creative job as regional in the Middle East and the GCC as creative director with Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, FCB and others. And after about twenty years in the that domain I moved to real estate doing marketing, sales and consultancy. It was during Covid that I gave more attention to my artistic side. In a nutshell, I tried everything and everything was good. It is when I realized how my art is being received by people that I realized how everything is great.

How did you discover art for your life?   

I was genetically creative and artistic in many art fields as already mentioned above.  My sense of humor helped a lot in bursting my talent during school, university and life beyond.  I first realized I had a good talent for doodles and drawings when all my school and university copybooks were full of them.

How did you become an artist?  

I guess I was born an artist.  It is with time, education and practice that an artist becomes a seasoned artist. 

What was your most important milestone for your success?   

Let’s say milestones.  Every step in the right direction is as important as the next.  Funny enough most successes of artists occur after they’re long gone.  Let’s wait and see.

What is your intention with regard to your latest collection „1.000 fish“ on   

My fish collection was created by accident and it dawned on me that they could be used for a good cause.  Art is a strong tool for good causes and I intend it to help me enlighten people about marine conservation. Each fish is a reminder to how beautiful marine life is and how fragile. 

Every fish was hand drawn and no fish is like the other.  As the saying goes, there is plenty of fish in the sea and I intend to keep it that way.

To your mind – what do artists need to become successful (besides talent, of course)?   


What do you think about online galleries, promoting your art for monthly contributions?   

Online galleries are the future if not already the present, however I feel that people still love the physical.  So I would recommend the ‘Phygital’ approach.

What could you recommend for newcomers and rising artists to enter the artistic space (maybe, 3 ideas)?   

  • Artists create art to express how they feel.  Some do it in such a way that relates to others and some do it without relating to others.  My advice to the new comers is to stay true to their selves.
  • I also recommend for new comers to give their art the right platform.  A niche platform would serve them best.
  • I also recommend that new comers should be open to criticism if it was constructive.  As I mentioned, art is an expression of someone’s feeling.  How could u ignore that.  

Sari, thank you so much for this interesting interview. I wish you lots of success with your amazing project!

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